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Poétique Du Mixtape and Knowledge Graphs

This really doesn't have much to do with disco, except that I usually find a way to make everything about DJing, which I find endlessly fascinating on a theoretical level. DJing is about connecting lots of things which may be quite similar to each other or may be wildly different. Stéphane Girard has theorized the different facets that make up the identify of each selection a DJ plays in his Poétique du mixtape (Les Éditions de ta Mère, 2018), a book I finally finished reading recently. They are: L'identité générique (what genre or genres does the song relate to?) L'identité auctoriale (here, Girard is focused on what the name of the artist connotes) L'identité linguistique (what lyrical content does it carry, which includes the song title) L'identité spatiale (where did it come from? What scene? What continent?) L'identité temporelle (what point in time does it come from?) L'identité harmonique (the musical content) L'identité symbolique (think cultura

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