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  January 2024 - 200 Episodes of Sunshine After Dark New Year's Eve is the ritual celebration of the final demise of the year, but January is the month when we actually shake off the mental remnants of the old and begin anew. This year, the month of January holds double significance for Sunshine After Dark : January 25th marks the 200th episode of the show and, within the ongoing chronological survey of disco I've been obsessively constructing on the show, I have finally reached the shores of 1979 , the year that disco crashed. There's not much to say about the 200 episode mark (it's just a number, right?), except that I have now surpassed my previous CJSR show, Clocks and Clouds , which I co-hosted with my friend Chris Waterton, and which ran for 188 episodes, from late 2003 to the fall of 2007. I started Sunshine After Dark in the fall of 2019 because I wanted to rejoin the community of CJSR volunteers, where I have met some of the coolest people, and because I thoug

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