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Alberta can be a frosty place in the winter (it's minus 28 C today – that's minus 18.4 F!), but those of us who live here are always finding ways to channel our inner hibernators into creative projects. On episode 102—my last show of 2021—I feature new songs from two Alberta-based artists, Ali Wick and Joses Martin. Calgary-based Ali Wick 's debut single Hello Love is due for a January 28th, 2022 release. This catchy, feel-good song was recorded at Velveteen in Edmonton. Ali's got more planned for 2022, so be sure to keep an eye out for her on social media ( Instagram , Facebook , Tiktok ). I was immediately reminded of disco chanteuse Karen Young's confident vocal style, and so in episode 102 you can hear one of Karen's hits right after Ali's song. Joses Martin (aka Joses ) has been tearing it up with a string of releases and remixes in 2021, all the while running Grindstone Theatre and SweatYEG events during a pandemic. How he does it all is still a mys

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