How to Listen

  • Thursdays on CJSR, 7-8 pm Mountain Time
  • Tuesdays on CKXU, 6-7 pm Mountain Time
  • Wednesdays on CHMA, 8-9 pm Atlantic Time

How to listen to archived episodes

      Broadcast times for North American listeners 


        Thursday Tuesday Wednesday
        Pacific 6 pm 5 pm 4 pm
        Mountain 7 pm 6 pm 5 pm
        Central 8 pm 7 pm 6 pm
        Eastern 9 pm 8 pm 7 pm
        Atlantic 10 pm 9 pm 8 pm
        Newfoundland 10:30 pm 9:30 pm 8:30 pm

        Broadcast times for international listeners 

          CJSR CKXU CHMA

          Friday Wednesday Thursday
          GMT/BST* 0200 0100 0000
          CET/CEST* 0300 0200 0100
          Japan (Winter) 1100 1000 0900
          Japan (Summer) 1000 0900 0800

          *1 hour earlier in March after the second Sunday of the month and 1 hour later in the week following the last Sunday in October.

          Time Zone info

            • Mountain Daylight Time is UTC -6 and Mountain Standard Time is UTC -7.
            • Atlantic Daylight Time UTC -3 and Atlantic Standard Time is UTC -4.
            • Daylight Saving Time in Canada begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.
            • In the UK and Europe, Summer Time begins on the last Sunday in March (i.e., two or three weeks later) and ends on the last Sunday in October (one week earlier).
            • Therefore, the broadcast times for the UK and Europe are one hour earlier than shown in the table in the second half of March and one hour later than shown in the week following the last Sunday in October.
            • Japan does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so the Summer and Winter times in the table reflect the changes between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time in Canada.