Edmonton's club history comes alive in a new feature-length documentary film about the club Flashback, which premieres on June 14th & 15th, 2024 at Metro Cinema in Edmonton.

"It was the Studio 54 of the Prairies, a venue that owner John Reid vowed would be a safe place for ‘gay people and their friends.’ Flashback is the story of a defiant disco dance culture of sweat and sex and drugs and fashion. Located in a conservative northern Canadian city often hostile to queer people, Flashback became a sensation on the international club circuit despite police raids, threats of violence and the scourge of AIDS. Flashback is a ghost. But it comes alive again in the memories of the people who were there and the legends they left behind."

My hour-long interview with filmmaker Peter Hayes is episode 219 of Sunshine After Dark, which airs June 6th on CJSR FM 88 in Edmonton at 7pm MT with simultaneous posting to Mixcloud. Episode 219 will also air on CKXU on June 11th at 6pm MT and CHMA on June 12th at 8pm AT.

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