CJSR FunDrive 2021: Audio Obscura

CJSR's annual FunDrive is in full swing this week and I have a special 2-hour show prepared for Sunshine After Dark, featuring guest co-host Renée Stewart.

Renée is a disco aficionado with impeccable taste and she has selected all the music for the show this week. Expect a lot of classic vocal disco that will get you up out of your seat and groovin' all the way to the telephone or internet device to make your donation to the mighty CJSR.

Check out all the details about this year's FunDrive over at CJSR.com. The theme is Audio Obscura and the swag is truly slick this year with retro-audio graphics by Parker Thiessen.

You can donate online or by phoning (780) 492-2577 ext.0. FunDrive runs from October 30 to November 6 (Saturday to Saturday). The goal this year is $100,000 and I'd like to challenge my listeners to help my show pitch in $1,000. All donations welcome, large and small.