Carl Clay and The Black Spectrum Theatre

On the show last week I played the song I Am Your Mind, by Roy Ayers. The song features a monologue, spoken by Ayers, that was composed by Carl Clay, a respected playwright from Queens, New York, who founded the Black Spectrum Theatre in 1970. What started as an itinerant troupe of actors eventually made its home in a facility of its very own, which, over the years, has allowed it to present plays, music, workshops, summer camps, and other events for the Black community. It is still very much active today, and is offering a subscription to online content from their archives for the 2020-2021 season.

Mr. Clay gave an interview this year, where he talks about how the theatre began and his involvement with theatre, film production, various community-building activities, and the vision that ties it all together. Be sure to check it out!