First Salsoul release in the mix

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January 23, 2020 – This week I feature a little mix I put together that starts with a Boney M. A side and ends with a Sister Sledge B side (Somebody loves me). Sometimes when I'm putting a mix together, I find the song I want–yeah, sounds good, OK, we'll go with that–only to discover it's the B side to a really famous song. In this case the A side was He's the greatest dancer. Go figure!

Along the way, I throw in the first release on Salsoul records from 1974, Joe Bataan's The Bottle, which was a cover of the Gil Scott Heron song, I believe. Also what must be my favourite disco song ever, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman by Sounds of Inner City, which included Vince Montana. It's a very early release on West End, and it's a lush 'Philly soul'-style number, mostly instrumental with the title chanted by a female chorus from time to time. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was a TV show about a restless and bored housewife, a comedy, I think, but the clips I've seen, well, maybe it's a morose form of humour. Maybe that's why they didn't use this as the theme song–it seems that several groups tried their hand at making a theme song–because it's the kind of song you could be quite happy living in long term!