CJSR Fundrive


Sunshine After Dark is all about fun, but tonight we are going to have EVEN MORE FUN!!! And that's because it's time for the annual CJSR FunDrive. Prize Packs! Television & movie themes! Hokey vampires! And yours truly!

Please consider becoming a supporter of community radio and donating to keep CJSR on the air for another year, so that it can carry on providing an open-access platform for shows like this one, and so many other great shows, both music and spoken word/news. Many of the spoken word programs feature original content created by volunteers right here, like Terra Informa. So keep yourself informed!

Dial N' Donate (780-492-CJSR) during my show to be entered in a draw for one of five pairs of disco 7" singles or Donate Online Now. If you can afford Netflix, you can probably afford a few bucks a month for a nice warm fuzzy feeling that lasts all year and some pretty rad swag too.